Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Girl Crushes

Who doesn't have girl crushes? I have a few.

There has probably never been a time when I didn't have a girl crush on Jennifer Aniston. An avid 'Friends' viewer when the show was still airing, she remains my favorite actress. Her style, class and undeniable beauty get me every time. If I could meet one celebrity, it would be her.

Natalie Portman. She sure doesn't look like Padme in this stunning photograph.

Tory Burch is a genius. Not only to I adore her company, but I would really like to sit down to lunch with her and hear how her success began. Talk about a brand taking off!

Reese Witherspoon--her eyes could make any man fall to his knees. Could she get any cuter? I dare say no. Sweet Home Alabama sold me for life.

Evangeline Lilly. She is even more beautiful covered in sweat and sand on LOST. That's not fair.

who are your girl crushes?


  1. I totally agree!! Great blog, I'm a new follower, I'm looking forward to reading more! xx

  2. Natalie Portman is amazing. She probably doesn't look like Leia because she played Padme though ;) I'm a huge Star Wars nerd!

  3. haha I KNEW something was weird!

  4. soo with you on natalie and tory! natalie is amazing- smart as a whip, plus absolutely stunning (even with a shaved head)!

  5. Oh yes, I have lots of girl crushes. Natalie Portman and Reese are on my list too! So are Giselle, Allesandra Ambrosio, Marissa Miller, Rachel McAdams, and Heidi Klum. :)