Friday, May 7, 2010

oh yeah, I have a blog

This past week was one for the books...literally. I don't think I have ever spent that much time consecutively in the library, but now that my four term papers are in, I only have one more exam before duh duh duhhhh: I graduate. There are so many wonderful things that will happen before May 28th however, events I will be sure to share details about later. Cape Week and Senior Week promise to provide some moments that I will never forget, not to mention excellent excuses for everyone to dress up. And lets be honest, that always gets me going. Clothing choices will range from J. Crew casual (probably my favorite) to Lilly Pulitzer dressy. Bring it on.

Sidenote. Five exciting things I'm looking forward to after graduation:
1.) Officially mastering the layout of New York City.
2.) Visiting SJP on the Vineyard with CMG.
3.) Acting like a grown-up, sort of.
4.) Happy hour in the city.
5.) Sailing.

One more thing-- I re-discovered the song 'Human' by the Killers on my way home today to surprise my mom for Mother's Day. I love when that happens. Now I can't stop listening to it.

For those of you in study period or just finishing up classes, good luck! xo

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  1. option #1 is my favorite.

    in regard to the sidenote, i LOVE #s 1-4, and if you teach me how to sail i'm sure i'd love #5.

    oh and comeeee backkkk :-)