Sunday, March 21, 2010

Timeless Class

I love dresses. Cocktail, sun, black-tie, beach/pool cover-ups, you name it. If I could purchase a dress per week, I know I’d be able to find one I love every time. The only equivalent material things that I can say the same about are shoes, but I’ll save that rant for another time. Up to this point, the senior class has attended two ‘cocktail attire’ events: Senior Ball in November and 100 Days in February. Even after I found both of my dresses relatively early, I still spent countless hours on and went with my friends to shop for theirs. One BCBG dress caught my eye during this process, and I still absolutely love it. It’s called the Floral Appliqué Dress for $288.

This dress is timeless—its simple elegance will never expire. I prefer short dresses to long ones, especially A-line. It has a gold shimmery tint to it that isn’t very obvious in pictures, and I think the designers made a good decision to add the black ribbon around the middle. The only slightly concerning thing that I have read on the reviews is that it’s very short. This poses a small problem for me because I’m 5’9’’. Then again, with a nice tan everything looks better on. I'm thinking this may have to be my choice for the Baccalaureate Ball the night before graduation!

Some pals at Senior Ball! From the left, KP, CG, AM, myself, and ST. AM and I are both wearing BCBG dresses.

100 Days! From the left, AL, TP, ST, myself, KC and EK. ST and I are (again) wearing BCBG dresses, and AL and EK are both wearing Shoshanna.

xo, MPF

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