Tuesday, June 15, 2010

goin' green

It's official: going green is trendy. Not only do we bring eco-friendly bags to the grocery store instead of using plastic ones, but it is cool to use these bags around town. Store inventories all over the place now include re-useable, environmentally-sound products that label their users as responsible and up with the times. Take these bags for instance, all made out of recycled material!

Music Panda Tote, Forever 21. I have a bag from Forever that is the same style, and I love the size.

Eco-Chic Tote Bags, Envirosax. These bags come in a million colors and designs. Adorable!

Reversible Bag in Hot Fuchsia Pink, Kim White Handbags. This company is so cool--all of her bags are made from vintage automotive fabrics!

Medium Zip Tote, Ella Vickers. This company is a personal favorite of mine--all of the products are made from recycled sail cloth. If you're a sailor (or you have an appreciation for all things nautical), you will LOVE her company. 

Harlow-Pebble Handbag, Matt and Nat. 100% vegan.

Scallop Clutch, Teich. This Brooklyn-born company is entirely eco-friendly, even in the big city!

ALSO: continuing along with the 'going green' trend, I discovered something fun today- Urban Outfitters' Build-Your-Own-Bike Shop! Don't click on that unless you have time to waste. I wish I could order my own custom bike. 

Hope everyone's weeks are starting off on a good note!

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