Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Container Store: the answer to my unpacking prayers

I have been home for three days and today I finally faced the inevitable: transferring my clothes from their huge, overstuffed duffle bags to my closet. The process of unpacking is entirely overwhelming and really gives me a headache/anxiety. It really wouldn't take that long if I just sucked it up and gave myself an hour to focus, but quite frankly that would make too much sense. Actually, the clothes aren't even the problem--it's the random things like desk lights, printers, text books and power cords that have me at a loss. Today was the day though, and I began the whole process. Besides making a good playlist to keep myself motivated, I would like to share with you fellow procrastinators of unpacking another gem: The Container Store. We have one pretty close to my house, and its the kind of store that has things you had no idea you needed. It provides a plethora of organizational options from containers that would fit my whole family to teeny little pill containers. For someone that can't stand being disorganized like myself, it is my haven. I spend waaay too much money every time I go in there, I swear I don't know how it happens. Regardless, it's a great place to be aware of if you aren't already.

These are my favorite containers, and have lasted me for many years. They are really thick plastic and come in literally any shape and size you could need. I use them for the things are out of season (currently they are full of ski clothes) and school supplies. They aren't particularly cheap but you only need to buy them once because they're definitely not going to break. AND they are clear which makes it so much nicer when you're scrambling to find something!

I have five of these that I used in my school closet for four years straight. These made my life a million times easier and gave me so much space, and now I'm going to use them at home too. I'm not kidding--these are one of the most practical purchases I have ever made. I seriously recommend them. They are indestructible and are a great option even if your clothes will be stored out in the open as long as you keep yourself organized!

These storage bags are awesome--great quality and very space efficient. I use these mostly for my towels, linens and other bed-related things that take up a lot of space. This way weight is minimized and they are easier to carry. I hate lugging bulky containers around when the things inside really aren't all that heavy, but I also want to make sure my things are protected from dust/moths, etc.

Anyways, those are a few of the reasons I LOVE the Container Store.

Completely unnecessary? Absolutely.


  1. i'm pretty sure i could spend the entire day and all my savings at the container store. it's definitely a problem, but i guess its the high price one has to pay for organization sanity :)

  2. I'm obsessed with the plastic shoe boxes from CS. unfortunately, the shipping charges are insane because they can't be compressed/folded/etc.