Thursday, May 13, 2010

the first day of the rest of my life

No, I didn't graduate yet. However this morning at 10:30am I walked out of my last exam and the end is officially, entirely in sight. It's real... there are fewer and fewer boundaries between me and complete alumni status. My cap, gown and tassels may still be in their packaging but come two weeks from now and they will be crossing the stage. My task now I suppose is to take full advantage of the friends that surround me. That won't be very hard. As a class all of the seniors are going to Cape Cod this weekend to spend the week relaxing with no obligation other than to have FUN. My house decided that we're going to make pinnies that say 'Cape Week 2010' on the front, with our names on the back. So lax bro, and yet so necessary.

One of the most exciting things about graduating is seeing what ambitions are about to be lived out by my friends. Just yesterday I found out one of my oldest friends in college is beginning the first stage of many required to become a fighter pilot in the Air Force. Another is moving to Juneau, Alaska to work with special needs children and adults, while one is working for Goldman Sachs in Hong Kong. Yet another is attending Georgetown Law in the fall. I could not be more proud of everyone who is doing something they are truly passionate about. That being said, the outcome doesn't have to involve a degree or national recognition. I'm not even working for pay this summer, and while this may be detrimental for my already hurting bank account, the experience is very worth it.

I'm trying to stay positive about this whole 'going out into the world' thing. Even while I'm praying I get to start my life in New York City soon, I'm terrified I will get swallowed up. How do you avoid that? I guess I will have to experience it for myself. I wouldn't say I'm from a small town per say, but I'm definitely not inherently a 'city girl.' My guess is that you have to hit the ground running or you'll never survive. Good thing I'm a fast runner.

What to do now? I'll start by eating lunch.

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