Saturday, May 22, 2010

a drama-free lifestyle

I am convinced that drama follows people who secretly enjoy creating it. I'm not talking about one story in particular but this is a common trend that I observe all too often. Is it insecurity that leads people to create unfavorable situations? Or do they just enjoy being the center of attention? I'll stay out of that spotlight, thank you. Most of the drama in college involves the opposite sex--and this is what I don't understand: why would you do something that you KNOW is going to cause your friend to hate you? I consider myself to be a relatively easy-going person, and I think this is why I am graduating pretty much un-scathed from drama. I trust my friends and they trust me. Obviously there are times when these situations are unavoidable, and I definitely don't deny that I have said things I shouldn't have. But it is important to look back on the comments you made and learn from them. Everyone has a breaking point, so working to make yours more tolerant than the other guy is the way you're going to stay OUT of drama and in the clear. 

Five easy ways to lead a drama-free lifestyle (well, most of the time):
1.) Sometimes it's better to swallow your words and walk away. The bigger person always wins.
2.) Stay out of questionable situations that have nothing to do with you.
3.) Everyone you know is fighting their own battle. The 'you have no idea what I'm going through' excuse is stupid and will only lead to an escalation of unnecessary comments. 
4.) Avoid airing your dirty laundry. It isn't classy.
5.) Karma exists. Remember this, and more importantly, TRUST it. 

Anyways, I hope everyone has a great weekend! 


  1. great advice.
    i can definately relate... tho ive often been guilty of adding unnessecary drama, but ive since been able to recognise that and work on being a better, 'bigger' person.